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Why Men's Custom Tailored Clothing Is Worth It

Oct 06, 2022

Our custom tailoring event will have you – and your wallet – feeling confident.

There’s a big difference between a sport coat that fits and a sport coat that’s made to fit you specifically. The experienced tailors here at Darien Sport Shop can show you just how big with our limited-time custom clothing event.

Still not sure men’s tailored clothing is worth it? We encourage you to keep reading – our expert tailors have you covered with a few reasons to get your sport coat, blazer, or suit fitted.

Your Clothing Will Be More Comfortable

Getting a suit or sport coat fitted to your body will make any formal event much more enjoyable. A few well-done adjustments to your sport coat or pants can give you more range of motion, less overall restriction, and greater comfort.

A Tailored Outfit Will Look Better

If you’re going to make the investment in a new sport coat or suit, you might as well make it look the best it possibly can. There’s nothing quite like the confidence and security of knowing you have a suit on hand that makes you feel just as good as you look.

A Tailored Suit Is Made to Last

Having a suit adjusted by a tailor in any way is likely to extend the life of that suit. Whether you need the sleeves shortened, the pants hemmed, or the waist altered, any adjustments made by an experienced tailor will help the suit stay stronger for longer.

Our Made-To-Measure Events Make the Perfect Fit

We are holding Made-To-Measure events throughout the month of October, where you can get fitted by an expert and save on a custom tailored suit or sport coat from Hickey Freeman, Jack Victor, or Polo Ralph Lauren. Darien Sport Shop is offering 10% off your first suit or sport coat, 15% off your second, and 20% off your third.

For the brand-specific event dates, read more about Darien Sport Shop’s Custom Clothing Month. We encourage you to make an appointment for any event you want to attend; these offers only last until Oct. 31, 2022!

We’re here to help, whether it’s updating your back-to-work wardrobe or finding something for a special event. 

We encourage you to make an appointment for one of these events, or any other day to work with your favorite stylist and tailor, so we can provide an excellent experience for you.

Please call us at 203-655-2575 or send us an email at event ends Monday, October 31st!